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Sideboards and cupboards

In addition to embodying a design concept, Natuzzi Italia interior complements aim to achieve maximum functionality. The products of this collection are perfect for everyday moments, whether in the living or sleeping area. For this reason, the collection includes furniture of different sizes, shapes and materials. The design is mostly pared-down, as the clean, clear-cut lines are then enhanced by the choice of materials. Despite this simplicity, the products often feature an original and innovative look.  Quality is guaranteed by the Natuzzi Italia brand, synonymous with craftsmanship and experience.

The Accademia sideboard by designers Bernhardt & Vella consists of a solid wooden parallelepiped, mounted on feet of the same material, which characterize the entire collection.

The Fortuna sideboard features a clean, timeless look.


Bare cubic elements are arranged horizontally and vertically creating a system of different stories.

Designed by Pierangelo Sciuto, the Kubika sideboard (both display and container), consists of different elements skillfully combined with refined aesthetic taste.

A large-sized sideboard featuring a minimalist design, Omega is perfect for both living and sleeping areas, combining beauty and great functionality.

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