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Attention to detail is what characterizes the best brands. This is why Natuzzi Italia has decided to design accessories of outstanding craftsmanship. Vases, valet trays, mirrors, cushions and other objects make Total Living unique and personal. Always in harmony with you and the things around you, these objects stand out for their innovative shapes and materials.

Blocks is a wall-mounted mirror consisting of different elements on multiple levels. Ideal in bringing light and style both to the living and the sleeping areas. 

With its minimalist design and rough cut edge, the Bramante mirror will embellish any room and add a touch of flare to your modern furniture. 

With its sharp angles and assertive shape, the Chocolat mirror adds a touch of dynamism and modernity. 

Clouds is a curved-shaped wall mirror, especially suited for contemporary decors.

Designed by the Natuzzi Style Center, the clean, impressive look of the Numa mirror adds simplicity and sophistication.

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